The best afforable hotel finding a good place to stay in Multan on a budget is often to find a needle in a haystack. Whether you’re in town for its vibrant cultural scene, its history, or the business prospects, no good travel experience can be achieved if one does not have a comfy and affordable place to spend their nights. In this list, we’re going to set sail and explore the 10 best budget hotels in Multan so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Why Visit Multan?

Multan, which is generally known as the City of Saints, is one of Pakistan’s oldest cities, and it is brimming with history and culture. The lively bazaars and historical shrines and the people are something you must experience. In addition, Multan is a massive industrial city, and business professionals from all around the country are constantly flocking to the city. 

Criteria for Selecting Best Hotels in Multan

For this reason, while choosing inexpensive hotels in Multan, several factors should be considered. And how to choose the best affordable hotels in Multan?

  • The first factor to discuss is the budget. It should be able to provide you with a good hotel depending on the amount of money you are willing to pay though in this case it was a specific book for your room on a low budget.
  • Location importance: Location near other attractions, places of interest, and business facilities.
  • Amenities offered: This food breakfast and Wi-Fi facilities as well as air conditioning will ease your stay.
  • Guest reviews: The experience of the previous guests is a practical way of knowing what should be expected if not prepared for it.

1. Hotel One Multan

  • Location: Located at the Center, on Gulgasht Colony Road.
  • Amenities: This hotel offers its guests free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, 24/7, room service, and a fitness center.
  • Guest reviews: Laundry, Wi-Fi, and dining services are complimented along with clean rooms and adequately hospitable staff making the hotel popular among business persons and tourists.

2. Ramada by Wyndham Multan

  • Location: Almost adjacent to the Multan International Airport.
  • Amenities: Specifically, 10 of the facilities and amenities include a swimming pool Gym, fitness center Free airport transfer, and Complimentary breakfast.
  • Guest reviews: It is frequently characterized by users as having a luxurious atmosphere at a reasonable price range, high client satisfaction, and convenient placement.

3. Crown Inn Multan (Luxury Meets Affordability):

  • Location:  In the heart of the city Multan, Near Katechery Chowk, Near to Airport
  • Amenities: Crown Inn Multan stands out for its commitment to both luxury and affordability. Imagine plush rooms, impeccable service, and all the modern amenities you desire, at a price that won’t make you flinch. Free Breakfast, Air-conditioned Rooms. Room service and cleaning are available. 
Hotels in Multan

4. Sheza Inn Hotel

  • Location: Near Nishtar Road.
  • Amenities: Air-conditioned rooms, free wireless internet connection, and provision of free meals from the in-house restaurant.
  • Guest reviews: Its price levels are very reasonable and the rooms available are comparatively spacious; however, some guests pointed out that the bathroom could have been cleaner.

5. New Pride Hotel

  • Location: It is established conveniently in the commercial area of the city with a focus on the Multan City purchasing sector.
  • Amenities: Included meals: breakfast complimentary breakfast buffet free parking free high-speed internet connection.
  • Guest reviews: Stressful basic services whose highlights include location and significant cost-effectiveness for shoppers.

6. Hotel Grace Inn

  • Location: Near Cantonment area.
  • Amenities: Of the amenities, I switched ON air conditioning since it is the basic facility in business hotels I included restaurants since many people look at this factor when choosing where to eat and therefore it would attract more guests; I included free breakfast; and complimentary wireless internet connection.
  • Guest reviews: As to what guests have to say about it, Some of the things people like about this place include its relaxed environment, nice interior design, and cleanliness of the rooms/Some of the features that make guests perceive it as accommodative are that it has clean, comfortable rooms and good service.

7. Hotel Multan Continental

  • Location: The property is situated right downtown and only a few blocks from tourists and business destinations.
  • Amenities: Services that are provided on this website include free wireless connectivity and internet connection, a free breakfast facility, and complimentary free room service.
  • Guest reviews: Others appreciate good service and the place is located within proximity, making it a norm for travelers.

8. Bling Hotel International

  • Location: The major opportunities of the area can be listed as follows: it is easily accessible by the main transport ways.
  • Amenities: FACILITY AMENITIES: Some of the features that can be availed in the various quality facilities include a fitness center, an on-site restaurant, and complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Guest reviews: There is also comfort with relevant services, and the homely atmosphere, but with a hint at individuality and the exclusion of individuality represented by silicon technology.

9. Hotel De Shalimar

  • Location: Under the roof near old Shujabad Road.
  • Amenities: Valet parking, Cable/satellite TV, Free breakfast.
  • Guest reviews: It is famous for being cheap and very clean to some extent, with some suggestions on how some rooms can be improved.

10. Hotel Crown Inn

  • Location: Near Ghanta Ghar.
  • Amenities: From the amenities and services file, it offers free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and front desk services that operate 24 24-hours.
  • Guest reviews: A viable option for those looking for a place to stay and who intend to self-driving, the location of the hotel is ideal, however, some rooms need redecoration, but, the staff are lovely and accommodating.

Tips for Hotel Booking in Multan

  • Booking a hotel in Multan can be a breeze with these tips: Making a reservation for a hotel in Multan can be an easy feat with the help of the following tips:
  • Online booking platforms: The shooting should be done in rented hotels, and many of them can be found at a cheaper price through websites such as Booking or any other website that offers the services of booking hotels. To attempt to obtain a response with the best of the offers it is desirable to search during periods of high demand on official sites of air, companies – com, Agoda, or other sites which are devoted to travel.
  • Seasonal discounts: That is why it is advisable to better track yellow or off-seasons, which also come with acceptable prices for different types of accommodations.
  • Direct booking advantages: Sometimes it will be useful to make a reservation in advance through the official website of the hotel where you are going to stay. There can be bonuses or some extra services at a moderate price.


The hotels in Multan are relatively cheap with nearly every flavor and style to fit every tourist or traveler. From the fashionable cheap package deals that enable bargaining for facilities of finan- ciers to comfortable guest houses, there are accommodations for everyone. To this effect, it is possible to identify and compare travelers’ location, amenities, and impressions and select the optimal accommodation for a stay in this inspired city.

By following these tips and choosing from this list, you can ensure your booking hotels in Multan will be both convenient and affordable. Enjoy your stay in Multan City with its rich history, culture, and modern amenities!